Offline Samara Playa (Beach) Nicoya County-North West Coast CR,Costa Rica Send Message Invite to Friend Some words about: Hot former FB/Track coach and Science teacher. Never fucked with my boys...but enjoyed watching them in the showers. Laid back kind of athletic guy who enjoys outdoor activities and sports. Just changed my status to Married...found a sweet Costa Rica man I have known for 10 years... LOVE to BB and fill my lover's culo with a HOT Load from my 8 inch cock I Somehow have LOST My Photo Avatar and have photos in my ALBUMS!! Apologize guys! Just moved from Mountain Capitol of San Jose! Too much traffic and two active Volcanos! Moved to quiet Samara Beach on NW Coast of CR. Pura Vida, amigos!
Relationship status: Married
Orientation: Gay Languages: English (Prime), Spanish (second)
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5 months ago BradFlorida

I think I gave you my GBT name but sometimes I get so busy I don't remember so I am

7 months ago BradFlorida

I received 72 emails since I got up this morning so I am not sure what site you are refering to SO here is the list of sites I am on.
1-www.gaboystube.com I am BRAD69ANDERSON
2-www.pornboy.global I am brad69anderson
3-www.gaycamtube.com I am gayhornyteen
4-www.dudes69,com I am BradFla
one of my photos is on each of the sites so you will know it is me

7 months ago BradFlorida

BRAD69ANDERSON on the GBT site.....hope you enjoyed your trip to the island.

8 months ago BradFlorida

If I can ever figure out how to add more videos I have 5 more to add.

8 months ago kawik1

Thank you very much for your comment! Hugs and greetings

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