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Relationship status: Open
Orientation: Gay
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1 month ago Topgun4U

Hey Brad...Just got back from CUBA and my GBT account page disappeared...can't remember you name on GBT...want to add you, sweet man! Luv ya...Dougie

2 months ago Mr_Tool

Thank u forvthe comnent. We show exchange numberscand make some plans to meet up

2 months ago Topgun4U

Just viewed your latest CUM video...beautiful...yummy Load and sweet cock...thanks for sharing, my friend! :P

2 months ago Topgun4U

I think I just melted seeing your Avatar...beautiful body, Brad! WOOF! MY heart and other body parts are throbbing... thanks for starting out my day with a LIFT!! :P LOVE your cute TREASURE Trail...need to see the cock more, please...sir?? (wink)

3 months ago ed1927

Your a sexy man

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